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The Veraval Regional Station of Gujarat State was established as a Survey Centre during 1954 at Kandla, Kachchh district and subsequently upgraded as a research centre in 1959 at Veraval. The centre was further upgraded as a Regional Centre and presently it has assumed the status of a Regional Station and is located at Veraval municipality, Gir Somnath district. The Veraval Regional Station has two field centres, one at Jamnagar and the other at Mandvi, Kachchh. The Station’s jurisdiction spans the entire coastal length of Gujarat State to the tune of 1600 km as well as the Union Territory of Daman and Diu.

The Veraval Regional Station of ICAR-CMFRI is committed towards conducting research and developmental activities in various strategic areas such as mariculture, marine fisheries and fisheries resource assessment economics and extension so as to boost sustainable marine fisheries management, development of mariculture technologies and adoption of the same by stakeholders along the Arabian sea coast of Gujarat. This Regional Station also prioritizes linkages with international and national organizations/bodies, apart from active collaboration with other research institutions, industries, line departments of the State, KVKs and NGOs for teaching, training, and R&D activities. The Centre’s research focuses a steadfast efforts towards developing sustainable mariculture and marine fisheries policy guidelines for Gujarat State, formulating and popularising innovative technologies which enhance the mariculture production and productivity through sea cage farming, seaweed farming, integrated multitrophic aquaculture, “maripreneurship” development with a farmer participatory approach, farm school development, etc. Also, the station has undertaken studies on the impact assessment of climate change on the marine fisheries sector, mapping resource distribution and abundance, thermal tolerance studies, coastal ecosystem changes etc.  

The station played a key role in popularising the innovative open sea cage culture, seaweed farming and capture-based aquaculture methods along the Gujarat coast. Over the last five years, the station has achieved significant milestones in these areas which includes more than 14 intellectual property rights, methods, processes and devices pertaining to various innovative mariculture technologies. In our country, GIS-MCE-based modelling approach was developed for identifying the best suitable mariculture sites along north-eastern Arabian Sea and was first demonstrated and popularised by this Station during 2021. This Station had played a pivotal role for the PAN India preliminary scale identification of sea cage farming and seaweed farming site identification prioritised by the Institute. This Station also developed and published descriptive maps depicting the suitable seaweed farming sites for Gujarat and Diu. Veraval Regional Centre had assisted the Government of Gujarat to formulate an interim mariculture policy for the State to popularise mariculture activities during 2016-17 period the first of that kind in the country. These achievements contribute to the scientific understanding and sustainable management of marine resources, thereby supporting the socio-economic development of the region.