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The Mumbai Regional Station of CMFRI is dedicated to research areas crucial for the sustainable management of marine resources along the Maharashtra coast. The main focus includes marine fish stock assessment, environmental impact assessment, and the dissemination of suitable technologies and management advisories to stakeholders. Regional Station also prioritizes linkages with international organizations and national bodies, along with collaboration with other research institutions and NGOs for teaching, training, and R&D activities. Over the last five years, the station has achieved significant milestones, including the development of management advisories for marine fisheries, assessment of environmental impacts on marine biodiversity, and the introduction of innovative mariculture technologies. The station has conducted extensive research on the impact of fishing practices on the ecosystem, developed GIS-based mariculture site selection tools, and successfully demonstrated the culture of commercially important species like silver pompano and lobsters. Additionally, the station has made strides in the realm of fishery environment management, social sciences, and biodiversity studies, contributing to a holistic understanding of the marine ecosystem in the region and facilitating informed decision-making for sustainable fisheries management.