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The Regional Centre dedicates itself to conducting a diverse range of research projects funded by both the institute and external agencies, covering various key areas within marine and fisheries studies. The primary focus of the Centre is on providing research and development (R&D) support for marine fisheries along the Karnataka- Goa Coast, encompassing the development of a scientific database covering catch and effort of fish stocks, biodiversity, distribution, abundance, biology, mortality rates, and more. Additionally, it aims to estimate optimum fleet strength and offer policy guidelines for sustainable marine fisheries.The Centre extends technical assistance to aqua-farmers, particularly in mariculture techniques, with an emphasis on expanding bivalve and finfish culture practices. Integrated farming practices and species diversification are encouraged to boost farmer income, alongside studies on the carrying capacity of mariculture water bodies. The Centre is involved in the continuous monitoring of fishery-related environmental parameters along the coast, including temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and nutrients, while assessing pollution in beaches and estuaries and monitoring industrial discharge effects. Additionally, it documents and restores mangroves, tracks marine mammal sightings and strandings, and surveys and creates databases on marine biodiversity in Karnataka State, evaluating ecosystem services and documenting vulnerability to climate change and fishing pressure for biodiversity conservation efforts.In terms of outreach, the Centre organizes workshops, training programs, and awareness campaigns to promote responsible fishing practices and coastal health, alongside initiatives to document traditional fishing knowledge, empower women, and address changes in the social status of fisherfolk. Detailed marine fishery censuses are carried out, covering crafts, gears, fish landing centers, and related industries, with engagement at various levels of the marine fisheries sector. Apart from core research activities the scientists of the Centre provides guidance to students in MSc and Ph.D. programs, as well as hands-on skill development programs for fishery professionals, government officials, aquafarmers, entrepreneurs, and tribal communities.

The Centre offers consultancy services in environmental impact assessment, marine pollution monitoring, biodiversity assessment, fish stock assessment and other related areas, fostering collaboration between researchers and stakeholders for effective solutions. The multidisciplinary approach of the regional centre has significantly contributes to the sustainable management and conservation of marine resources while supporting the development and empowerment of coastal communities and stakeholders in Karnataka.