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(a) Borrowing and circulation services for Books and Journals

Document lending (Issue/Return/Renewal/Reservation), clearance of dues and related activities.

(b) SDI Services

Library announces about the forthcoming conferences and also displays the subjects and areas of conferences. (Library Notice Board)

Selective Dissemination of Information service is provided by the Library and Documentation Centre of  CMFRI. This service facilitates that the user is getting the latest information regarding our core subject.

(c) Reference and bibliographic services

Reference Service is available in the library for sources of information and to locate the required documents.  The Library staff maybe approached for any help in information retrieval.

(d) Inter-library loan service

Books/Journals which are not available in CMFRI Library may be obtained from other libraries on request through Inter Library Loan (ILL).

(e) Reprographic services

A fully equipped reprographic facility with a copier caters to the copying requirements of users. Library continues to extend photocopy service to visitors also.

(f) Newspaper Clipping Service

Library maintains clippings from leading Newspapers on news related to the Institute and subject related field.

News related to fisheries, marine ecology, oceans, and 'CMFRI in Media are archived in 'Eprints@CMFRI' and can be accessed from ‘

(g) Research Support Service

Anti-Plagiarism service using Ithenticate (Turnitin) software (Limited to the manuscripts authored by CMFRI staff)

(h) ODDS – Online Document Delivery Service

(i) Internet Service (Online Services)


           -Eprints@CMFRI – Institutional Repository

(j) Intranet facilities

DSpace@CMFRI(Rare Volumes viz: Valdivia and Siboga Expedition Reports etc.)

Online Journal Service to Head Quarters, all Regional / Research Centres of CMFRI

JGate Services

The most comprehensive database & gateway to access research information from over 56 Million journal articles with access to 11 Million Full Text articles covering multiple subject domains.

ASFA database can be accessed from CMFRI campus through Intranet ‘

'MarinLit' database can be accessed from CMFRI campus through CMFRI Intranet ‘

'Indiastatagri' database is made available through the CeRA Consortium ''

Wiley E-books in Fisheries and allied subjects are accessible through ‘'


(k) Exchange of Institute Publications

The library maintains exchange relationship with various National and International Research Institutes, universities and other organizations. Library keeps free mailing list to Institute publications.

(l) Access to CeRA

CMFRI users can access more than 50000 electronic journals including agriculture and allied subjects through Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture through the website ''.

(m) Content partnership

ICAR-CMFRI is a content partner of the Aquatic Science & Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA) Database of FAO, National Digital Library of India (NDLI) and J-Gate Consortium so that our publications are listed and indexed in the respective repositories.

(n) Printing and publishing of Institute Publications

ICAR-CMFRI is the publisher of a wide range of publications including Newsletters, Marine Fisheries Information Service, Annual Reports, Policy Documents, Books, Bulletins, and Special Publications etc. Library and Documentation Centre co-ordinates the prepress and printing works of all the CMFRI Publications including ‘Indian Journal of Fisheries’

(o) Sale of Institute Publications

Priced publications such as CMFRI Books, Special Publications and Bulletins etc. are sold through the Library. Indian Journal of Fisheries (Peer Reviewed Journal), CMFRI posters etc. are also available at the  Library and Documentation Centre for sale.




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