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Digha Regional Station (previously known as Digha Research Centre) of ICAR-CMFRI was inaugurated on 25 th of March 2017 by Dr. Joykrushna Jena, Deputy Director General (Fisheries Science), ICAR, New Delhi in the presence of Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan, Director, ICAR-CMFRI at Digha, West Bengal with the aim to catering to the need of marine fisheries research of the State and generating livelihood for the coastal fisher folk. The primarily focuses of the Centre is to assess the important commercial marine fish stocks of the West Bengal including Hilsa, a popular fish in the region, and provide advisories to the State government for management of fish stocks in the State by way of regulations and to provide technical and scientific support. The Centre also play a pivotal role in improving the regular monitoring of marine fish landings and assessment of fish stocks of the state and this in turn will help the State in managing the marine fishery resources of the region ultimately benefitting the fishermen. The Centre has also emphasized on a range of research activities like value-chain, marketing of the marine fishes and socio-economic status of fisher folks. Climate change issues affecting coastal habitats and fisheries could more efficiently be addressed by the Centre. Apart from capture fisheries, the Centre also aimed to popularize the mariculture technologies of commercially important marine fishes developed by the ICAR- CMFRI in the State in tune with environmental and geographical aspects of the region.