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  • Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan, Director

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Warm greetings to all.

In marine fisheries management, the term ETP (Endangered, Threatened and Protected) species is commonly used and includes certain species of sharks, rays, sea turtles and dolphins. ICAR-CMFRI has been active in the protection of iconic marine species through awareness creation among stakeholders as well as active participation in programmes aimed at conserving marine resources and ecosystems. On the occasion of the 73 Foundation Day we can recollect the establishment of the Marine Biological Association of India in 1958 and its worthy contributions in the cause of promotion of research on various marine living resources in Indian seas and Asia-Pacific region. Today, we also need to overcome the challenges associated with the COVID 19 pandemic, in the marine fisheries sector with appropriate and innovative actions. For this, let each one of us pledge to give our best effort.

With best wishes.

Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan



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