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Wiley E-books

1 Tropical Estuarine Fishes - Ecology, Exploration and Conservation : Stephen J. M. Blaber
2 Percid Fishes - Systematics, Ecology and Exploitation: John F. Craig
3 Handbook of Fish Biology and Fisheries V. 1: Paul J.B. Hart John D. Reynolds (Ed.)
4 Handbook of Fish Biology and Fisheries V. 2: Paul J.B. Hart John D. Reynolds (Ed.)
5 Diseases of Carp and Other Cyprinid Fishes: D. Hoole D. Bucke P. Burgess I. Wellby (Ed.)
6 Practical Genetics for Aquaculture:C. Greg Lutz
7 Spiny Lobsters - Fishers and Culture 2e: Bruce Phillips, Jiro Kittaka
8 Centrarchid Fishes - Diversity, Biology, and Conservation:Steven Cooke, David P. Philipp (Ed.)
9  A Fishery Managers Guidebook Ed. 2: Kevern L. Cochrane, Dr Serge M. Garcia (Ed.)
10 Advances in Fisheries Science - 50 Years after Beverton and Holt : Andrew I. L. Payne, John Cotter, Ted Potter (Ed.)
11  Eco-labelling in Fisheries - What is it all about?: Bruce Phillips, Trevor Ward, Chet Chaffee (Ed.)
12 Aquaculture and the Environment Ed.2: Pillay, T V R
13 Recreational Fisheries - Ecological, Economic and Social Evaluation:Tony J. Pitcher, Chuck Hollingworth (Ed.)
14 Handbook of Micro algal Culture - Biotechnology and Applied Phycology :Amos Richmond (Ed.)
15 Fisheries Acoustics Theory and Practice:John Simmonds, David N. MacLennan
16 Fish Vaccination:Roar Gudding, Atle Lillehaug, Oystein Evensen (Ed)
17 Symbiosis in Fishes: The Biology of Interspecific Partnerships:Ilan Karplus
18 Bioinformatics in Aquaculture:Zhanjiang (John) Liu (Ed.) 
19 Fish Pheromones and Related Cues:Peter W. Sorensen, Brian D. Wisenden
20  Diseases of Coral:Cheryl M. Woodley Craig A. Downs Andrew W. Bruckner James W. Porter Sylvia B. Galloway
21 Aquaculture, Resource Use, and the Environment: Claude E. Boyd Aaron A. McNevin
22 Echinoderm Aquaculture:Nicholas Brown, Steve Eddy
23 Seafood and Aquaculture Marketing Handbook Ed. 2:Carole R. Engle, Kwamena K. Quagrainie, Madan M. Dey
24 Dietary Nutrients, Additives and Fish Health:Cheng-Sheng Lee
25 Aquaculture Ecosystems - Adaptability and Sustainability:Saleem Mustafa (Ed.), Rossita Shapawi (Co-Ed.)
26 Tilapia in Intensive Co-culture:Peter W. Perschbacher , Robert R. Stickney (Ed.)
27 Brown Trout - Biology, Ecology and Management: Javier Lobón-Cerviá, Nuria Sanz (Ed.)
28 Aquaculture and Behavior: Felicity Huntingford, Malcolm Jobling, Sunil Kadri (Ed.)
29 Diagnosis and Control of Diseases of Fish and Shellfish:Brian Austin, Aweeda Newaj‐Fyzul (Ed.)
30 Marine Ornamental Species Aquaculture: Ricardo Calado, Ike Olivotto, Miquel Planas Oliver, G. Joan Holt (Ed.)
31 Aquaculture in China - Success Stories and Modern Trends: Jian-Fang Gui, Qisheng Tang, Sena S. De Silva, Zhongjie Li, Jiashou Liu
32 Marine Ecological Field Methods - A Guide for Marine Biologists and Fisheries Scientists: Anne Gro Vea Salvanes, Jennifer Devine, Knut Helge Jensen, Jon Thomassen Hestetun, Kjersti Sjøtun, Henrik Glenner (Ed.)
33 Paddlefish Aquaculture: Steven D. Mims, William L. Shelton
34 The Common Fisheries Policy - The Quest for Sustainability: Ernesto Penas Lado
35 Climate Change Impacts on Fisheries and Aquaculture: A Global Analysis: Bruce F. Phillips, Mónica, Pérez-Ramírez (Ed.) 
36 Tarpons - Biology, Ecology, Fisheries:Stephen Spotte
37 Hakes - Biology and Exploitation: Hugo Arancibia (Ed.) 
38 Global Challenges in Integrated Coastal Zone Management:Erlend Moksness, Einar Dahl, Josianne Støttrup (Ed.)
39 Behavior of Marine Fishes: Pingguo He
40 Life in the World's Oceans - Diversity Abundance and Distribution: Alasdair D. McIntyre
41 World Fisheries - A Social-Ecological Analysis: Rosemary Ommer, Ian Perry, Kevern L. Cochrane, Philippe Cury
42 Integrated Coastal Zone Management : Erlend Moksness, Einar Dahl, Josianne Støttrup
43 Reproductive Biology of Teleost Fishes: Robert J. Wootton, Carl Smith
44 Conservation and Management of Transnational Tuna Fisheries: Robin Allen, James Joseph, Dale Squires
45 Practical Flatfish Culture and Stock Enhancement: Harry V. Daniels, Wade O. Watanabe (Ed.)

Open Access E-books

1Fish Aquaculture Meske, C.P.B. Pergamon
2More Efficient Utilization of Fish and Fisheries Products Proceedings of the International Symposium on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science, held in Kyoto, Japan, 7-10 October 2001 M. Sakaguchi Elsevier Pre 2007
3Artificial Habitats for Marine and Freshwater Fisheries Seaman, Jr., William Academic Press Legacy Fisheries
4The Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs Sale, Peter Academic Press Legacy Fisheries
5Economic Aspects: Fisheries and Culture Provenzano, Anthony Jr. Academic Press
6Microbial Safety of Fishery Products Chichester, C. O. Academic Press
7Antarctic Fish Biology Eastman, Joseph Academic Press
8Feeding Ecology of Fish Gerking, Shelby Academic Press
9Air‐Breathing Fishes Jeffrey Graham Academic Press
10Fish Nutrition Halver, John Academic Press
11Fish Nutrition John Halver/Ronald Hard Academic Press Pre 2007
12Intertidal Fishes Michael Horn/Karen Mar Academic Press Pre 2007
13Atlas of Zebrafish Development Bryson‐Richardson, Robe Academic Press 2011
14Fish Neuroendocrinology Nicholas J Bernier, Glen V Academic Press 2009
15Hypoxia in Fishes Jeffrey G. Richards, Anth Academic Press 2009
16Fish As Food Borgstrom, Georg Academic Press Legacy
17Fish As Food Borgstrom, Georg Academic Press Legacy
18Fish As Food Borgstrom, Georg Academic Press Legacy
19Fish As Food Borgstrom, Georg Academic Press Legacy
20Sea Urchins Lawrence, John M. Academic Press 2013
21Approaches to Research on the Systematics of Fish‐B Waikagul, Jitra Academic Press 2014
22Molecular Systematics of Fishes Molecular Systematics of Fishes Thomas D. Kocher / Caro Academic Press Pre 2007
23Atlas of Early Zebrafish Brain Development Mueller, Dr. Thomas Academic Press 2016
24Taxonomy Kinetoplastids and Flagellates of Fish Kreir, Julius Academic Press Legacy
25Fish Immunology Manning, Margaret J. Academic Press Legacy
26The Behavior of Fish and Other Aquatic Animals Mostofsky, David Academic Press Legacy
27Fish in Research Neuhaus, Otto W. Academic Press Legacy
28The Laboratory Fish Gary K. Ostrander, Gillian Academic Press Pre 2007
29Introduction to the Fishery Sciences Royce, William F. Academic Press Legacy
30Introduction to the Practice of Fishery Science William F. Royce Academic Press Pre 2007
31Fishery Development William F. Royce Academic Press Legacy
32Introduction to the Practice of Fishery Science Royce, William F. Academic Press Legacy
33Coral Reef Fishes Peter Sale Academic Press Pre 2007
34Interrelationships of Fishes Melanie Stiassny / Lynne Academic Press Pre 2007
35Conservation of Fish and Shellfish Resources J. Thorpe/Graham Gall/J Academic Press Pre 2007
36The Sea Cucumber Apostichopus japonicus Yang, Hongsheng Academic Press 2015
37Induced Fish Breeding Chattopadhyay, Nihar Ra Academic Press 2016
38Biology and Evolution of the Mexican Cavefish Keene, Alex Academic Press 2015
39Epizootic Ulcerative Fish Disease Syndrome Kar, Devashish Academic Press 2015
40Fish and Fish Oil in Health and Disease Prevention Raatz, Susan Academic Press 2016
41Fish Diseases Galina, Jeney Academic Press 2017
42Water Quality Criteria for Freshwater Fish Alabaster, J S utterworth‐Heineman Legacy
43Fish and River Pollution Erichsen Jones, J. R. utterworth‐Heineman Legacy
44Edible Sea Urchins: Biology and Ecology J.M. Lawrence Elsevier Pre 2007
45Scallops: Biology, Ecology and Aquaculture Sandra Shumway, Jay Pa Elsevier Pre 2007
46Biology and Culture of Channel Catfish Craig S. Tucker, John A. H Elsevier Pre 2007
47Design and Operating Guide for Aquaculture Seawate J.E. Huguenin, J. Colt Elsevier Pre 2007
48Reproductive Biotechnology in Finfish Aquaculture Lee, C.‐S. Elsevier Science Fisheries
49The Gulf of Guinea Large Marine Ecosystem Jacqueline M. McGlade, Elsevier Pre 2007 Fisheries
50Edible Sea Urchins: Biology and Ecology J.M. Lawrence Elsevier Science 2007 Fisheries
51Analytical Techniques Mommsen T.P. Elsevier Science Legacy Fisheries
52Whales, Seals, Fish and Man A. Schytte Blix, L. Walløe Elsevier Pre 2007 Fisheries
53Metabolic Biochemistry P.W. Hochachka Elsevier Pre 2007 Fisheries
54Environmental and Ecological Biochemistry P.W. Hochachka Elsevier Pre 2007 Fisheries
55Striped Bass and Other Morone Culture R.M. Harrell Elsevier Pre 2007 Fisheries
56Marine Shrimp Culture Fast, A.W. Elsevier Science Legacy Fisheries
57Phylogenetic and Biochemical Perspectives Mommsen, T.P. Elsevier Science Legacy Fisheries
58The Physiology of Fishes Brown, Margaret E. Academic Press Legacy Fisheries
59The Physiology of Fishes Brown, Margaret E. Academic Press Legacy Fisheries
60Keeping and Breeding Aquarium Fishes Emmens, C. W. Academic Press Legacy
61Genetics of Sex Determination R.S. Verma Elsevier Pre 2007 Fisheries
62Shellfish Safety and Quality Shumway, S E Woodhead Publishing 2009 Fisheries
63Improving Farmed Fish Quality and Safety Lie, Ø Woodhead Publishing 2008 Fisheries
64Safety and Quality Issues in Fish Processing Bremner, H.A. Woodhead Publishing Pre 2007
65The Detection of Fish Cushing, David Pergamon Legacy Fisheries
66Proceedings of the Conference on Assessing the Effects of Power-Plant-Induced Mortality on Fish Populations EffecVan Winkle, Webster Pergamon Legacy Fisheries
67Innovative Food Processing Technologies Knoerzer, K Woodhead Publishing 2016 Fisheries
68The Stability and Shelf‐life of Food Subramaniam, Persis Woodhead Publishing 2016 Fisheries
69The Microbiological Quality of Food Fast, A.W. Woodhead Publishing 2016
70Freshwater Fish Distribution Tim Berra Academic Press Pre 2007 Fisheries
71Handbook of Biological Control T.W. Fisher / Thomas S. B Academic Press Pre 2007
72Manual of Techniques in Invertebrate Pathology Lacey, Lawrence Academic Press 2012 Fisheries


CeRA e- Book Series

1Advances in Agronomy
2Advances in Botanical Research
3Advances in Ecological Research
4Advances in Food & Nutrition Research
5Advances in Insect Physiology
6Advances in Marine Biology
7Fish Physiology
8The Enzymes
9Vitamins & Hormones
10Advances in Applied Microbiology
11Advances in Immunology
12Advances in Microbial Physiology
13Advances in Parasitology
14Advances in Virus Research
15Methods in Microbiology
16Methods in Cell Biology
17Methods in Enzymology
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