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Identification of The Target Groups

The SECC (Socio- Economic Caste Census) 2011 data base should be utilized in those states where the data has been published in order to identify the beneficiaries and map the families residing in the state. In order to check SECC database clicking on the link http://censusindia.gov.in . The target group/beneficiaries can also be selected through Panchayat / Municipality / Corporation / Village Officer / Gramasabha/ tribal extension office/ tribal welfare office, etc. The implementing centre should clearly determine the SC/ST families residing in their domain and assign a unique identity number to the families (same as Aadhaar-where this number has been assigned to the individuals), since government benefits mostly accrue to the families and not to individuals. After identification, the target groups can be linked with the various programmes of the State and Central government that are meant for the STs. In States where SECC has not been finalized, we may use other criterion to decide the beneficiaries.

The group of the selected beneficiaries should be member of registered Societies/NGOs/SHGs (Self Help Groups). The beneficiaries/members and their unique identity number or AADHAR number and caste certificate to be certified by the Presidents of respective office. In case societies/SHG are not available, 5-10 ST members or beneficiaries can make new groups which should be registered under the respective Panchayat/Corporation/Municipalities/Gramasabha, etc. These groups may be provided a package of practices. They may be provided inputs like quality seeds, feeds, other accessories etc. for implementing the scheme. All inputs may be procured for the beneficiaries as per the codal formalities and official procedure of government of India by the centers. Centers should also obtain receipt from the beneficiaries of SC/ST community group.

In order to avoid life risk factors during operation of scheme/project, the beneficiary are provided with life jackets, floats, etc. Implementing centre may ascertain that all beneficiaries can be able to conduct the formulated project without any risk factors. However implementing centers may be obtained an undertaking from beneficiaries stating that all members of selected group are knowing swimming and have capacity to implement the scheme/ project.