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Dr.K. K. Joshi

Tel: +91 484 2394867; Cell: 
Role:Principal Scientist & Head, MBDD
Focus of Research:
  • Fish population dynamics
  • Taxonomy of marine fishes
  • Marine and Costal biodiversity

After taking masters in Zoology with Fishery Biology as specialisation  in 1984 and PhD in Marine Ecology  in 1992, I am working in CMFRI since 1992 on fishery biology, stock assessment of marine fishes,  taxonomy of marine fishes, biodiversity inventorisation and biodiversity valuation.  I have worked on understanding  the fishery  biology and population dynamics of  threadfin breams, taxonomy of carangids, siverbellies, tunas,  biology of elasmobranchs, taxonomy of  fishes of Gulf of Mannare Ecosystem,    cataloguing and Inventorisation of marine organisms in the marine repository.  I have interests in marine  and coastal biodiversity conservation and management .

  • PhD  1992  Cochin University of Science & Technology
  • MSc  1984  Christ college, Calicut University
  • BSc   1982  Zoology, Calicut University
Current Research Projects
No Title Funded By
1 Bioinventorying and Biodiversity valuation of marine organisms in selected marine ecosystems along the Indian coast CMFRI
2 Assessment of fishing impacts on biodiversity loss, with special reference to threatened species, to formulate management options for their protection CMFRI
3 National Initiatives on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) ICAR
Awards & Recognitions:
  • 1982, 1984 Gold Medal for highest  marks in B.Sc. Zoology and MSc. Zoology
  • ICAR/UNDP Senior Research  Fellowship  for Ph.D. (1985-1989) at CMFRI, Kochi
  • Associate Editor, Marine Biological Association of India, Kochi
  • Member of the IUCN,  SSG on  Snapper, Sea breams, Grunt specialist group.


Best 5 Publications:

1. Joshi, K. K. , Zacharia, P. U. , Kanthan, K.P . 2012.Description of a new sand lance species, Bleekeria murtii (Perciformes: Ammodytidae) from India. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 59 (2). pp. 101-107.
2. Joshi, K. K., Nair, Rekha. J., Abdussamad, E. M.,  Sujitha Thomas,  Kakati, V. S. Jasmine, S.,  Molly Varghese,  Miriam Paul Sreeram, Sandhya Sukumaran, Rani Mary George, Mary K. Manisseri. 2011. Carangids of India - A Monograph. Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi, 437 pp.
3. Abraham, K. J. Joshi, K. K. Murty, V .Sriramachandra.2011. Taxonomy of the fishes of the family Leiognathidae (Pisces, Teleostei) from the West coast of India. Zootaxa, 2886 . pp. 1-18.
4. Joshi, K. K. 2010. Population dynamics of Nemipterus japonicus (Bloch) in the trawling grounds off Cochin. Indian Journal of Fisheries , 57 (1). pp. 7-12.
5. Raje, S. G.,  Grace Mathew,  Joshi, K. K., Nair, Rekha J.,  Mohanraj, G.,  Srinath, M.,  Gomathy, S., Rudramurthy, N. 2002. Elasmobranch fisheries of India - An appraisal. CMFRI Special Publication , 71 . pp. 1-76.

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