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Dr.I. Rajendran

Tel: +914573241025; Cell: 
Role:Principal Scientist
Focus of Research:
  • Marine Bio prospecting       
  • Marine Natural Products and Process Retrieval

After post graduation in M.Sc. Chemistry (Organic specialization) in 1983, I joined Indian Lac Research Institute, Ranchi in 1986 and worked in synthetic organic chemistry with lac based  starting material till 1997. I then joined CMFRI in August 1997 with the affiliation in Demersal Fisheries Division to work on grouper breeding. I took PhD in 2007 with the work on sponge chemistry. I then oriented towards the development of fine products from marine algal polysaccharides. Supplementary analytical work by HPLC with respect to fatty acids, vitamins, marine pigments is also part of the work programme.

  • PhD 2007 Madurai Kamaraj University
  • MSc 1983 Chemistry-Organic Specialization Madurai Kamaraj University
  • BSc 1981 Chemistry Madurai Kamaraj University
Current Research Projects
No Title Funded by
1. Health management in selected finfish and shellfish for mariculture and aquaculture & bioprospecting from marine resources CMFRI
2. Aquatic feed biotechnology for mariculture and aquariculture CMFRI
3. Remote Sensing assisted biodynamic forecasting paradigm for Indian Marine Fishery Resourses CMFRI
Awards & Recognitions:


Best 5 Publications:

1. I. Rajendran, Kajal Chakraborty, K. K. Vijayan and P. Vijayagopal, 2013 - “Bio active sterol from the brown alga Anthophycus longifolius (Turner) Kützing, 1849 (= Sargassum longifolium) Indian J.Fish., 60 (1): 83-86
2. I. Rajendran, K. S. Shobana, G. Annie Selva Sonia, Kajal Chakraborty, K. K. Vijayan and P. Vijayagopal, 2011. Antibacterial and antifungal properties of southeast Indian coastal sponges. J. Mar. Biol. Ass. India, 53 (2): 272 -274
3. I Rajendran, 2006. “Samudri Shaival-Ikkeesween Shadabdi ka Ek Unnat Poshak Dava, Seaweeds-Nutraceutical of 21st Century” In: Matsya gandha, no.7, pp.23-25, CMFRI Special Publication no.94
4. I Rajendran, R N Majee & S C Agarwal, 1999. Synthesis of Plant Growth Regulator Analogues from Aleuritic acid,  Journal of Institute Chemists (India), Vol 71, Part-2, pp 75-77
5. S C Agarwal & I Rajendran, 1993. Reaction of olefinic ester derivatives of aleuritic acid with iodonium nitrate Indian Journal of Chemistry, Vol 32B,  pp 487-488

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